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118, xv Pages

ISBN 9783319153940

Analecta Husserliana
vol. 118

The sense of things

Toward a phenomenological realism

Angela Ales Bello

Translated by Antonio Calcagno

This book proposes a new interpretative key for reading and overcoming the binary of idealism and realism. It takes as its central issue for exploration the way in which human consciousness unfolds, i.e., through the relationship between the I and the world—a field of phenomenological investigation that cannot and must not remain closed within the limits of its own disciplinary borders. The book focuses on the question of realism in contemporary debates, ultimately dismantling prejudices and automatisms that one findstherein. It shows that at the root of the controversy between realism and idealism there often lie equivocations of a semantic nature and by going back to the origins of modern phenomenology it puts into play a discussion of the Husserlian concept of transcendental idealism. Following this path and neutralizing the extreme positions of a critical idealism and a naïve realism, the book proposes a “transcendental realism”: the horizon of a dynamic unity that embraces the process of cognition and that grounds the relation, and not the subordination, of subject and object. The investigation of this reciprocity allows the surpassing of the limits of the domain of knowing, leading to fundamental questions surrounding the ultimate sense of things and their origin.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-15395-7

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Ales Bello, A. (2015). The sense of things: Toward a phenomenological realism, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents


Ales Bello Angela


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Epoché, decision and motivation

Ales Bello Angela


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Why the transcendental?

Ales Bello Angela


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Transcendental idealism revisited

Ales Bello Angela


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Phenomenology as transcendental realism

Ales Bello Angela


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Ales Bello Angela


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