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Bruce Watson

"Seeing clearly in darkness": Blindness as insight in Proust's in search of lost time and Gide's pastoral symphony


in: The visible and the invisible in the interplay between philosophy, literature and reality, Dordrecht : Kluwer

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Motherland: Sally Mann's Proustian song of the earth


in: Passions of the earth in human existence, creativity, and literature, Dordrecht : Kluwer

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The Christian Sappho: Mourning Albertine in Marceline Desbordes-Valmore's "Le mal du pays"


in: Life creative mimesis of emotion, Dordrecht : Kluwer

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Proust's sacred grove: A study in spatial poetics


in: Passion for place Book II, Dordrecht : Springer

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Apples without snakes: Proust's sapphic/organic rewritings of Eden


in: The elemental passion for place in the ontopoiesis of life, Dordrecht : Kluwer

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