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ISBN 978-1-4613-9331-3

Phenomenology, language & schizophrenia

Edited by

Manfred Spitzer, Michael Alan Schwartz, Michael A. Schwartz

Phenomenology represents a mainstream in the philosophy of subjectivity as well as a rich tradition of inquiry in psychiatry. The conceptual and empirical study of language has become increasingly relevant for psychiatric research and practice. Schizophrenia is still the most enigmatic and most relevant mental disorder. This volume represents an attempt to bring specialists from different fields together in order to integrate various conceptual and empirical approaches for the benefit of schizophrenic research. We hope that it will facilitate discussionsamong members of such diverse fields as psychiatry, psychology, and philosophy.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4613-9329-0

Full citation:

Spitzer, M. , Schwartz, M.A. , Schwartz, M. A. (eds) (1992). Phenomenology, language & schizophrenia, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

Phenomenology, language & schizophrenia

Spitzer Manfred; Schwartz Michael Alan; Schwartz Michael A.


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Phenomenology and psychiatry

Spitzer Manfred; Uehlein Friedrich A.


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Phenomenological/descriptive psychiatry

Wiggins Osborne P; Schwartz Michael Alan; Schwartz Michael A.; Spitzer Manfred


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Uehlein Friedrich A.


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Eidetic and empirical research

Sadler John Z


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Emil Kraepelin and philosophy

Hoff Paul


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The structure of schizophrenic incoherence

Frommer Jörg; Tress Wolfgang


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Are latent thought disorders the core of negative schizophrenia?

Barnett Winfried; Mundt Christoph


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Lateralized information processing and emotional stimulation in schizophrenia and depression

Fünfgeld Matthias; Fehrenbach Rose A.; Wilkening Rainer; Wichmann-Francke Ute; Maes Helga; Oepen Godehard


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The phenomenology of schizophrenic delusions

Schwartz Michael Alan; Schwartz Michael A.; Wiggins Osborne P


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Rationality and delusional disorders

Gillett Grant


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