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(2011) AUC Interpretationes 1 (2).

Les techniques de soi et des autres

Bernard Stiegler et les créations du sujet

Bernard Stiegler

pp. 109-125

The object of this essay is Bernard Stieglers’s philosophy of the subject, understood through Derrida’s and Foucault’s thinking. The subjectivation of the « différance », read as both technical production and desire, is the core of his thinking. In fact, all technical objects operate as media of memory and desire, which are at the origin of reflexivity. But technique is also a pharmakon, caught between the terms of a tragic ambivalence. We will thus point out how Stiegler’s challenge is to understand how to protect oneself from the catastrophe – always likely to occur – of the destruction of subjective and collective individuation.

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Stiegler, B. (2011). Les techniques de soi et des autres: Bernard Stiegler et les créations du sujet. AUC Interpretationes 1 (2), pp. 109-125.

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